Whereas the budget of the University of Alabama has been severely constrained by proration, and.

Whereas it is improper to require the taxpayers of Alabama to subsidize voluntary organizations which discriminate on the basis of class, family background, and race.

Whereas the Greek system at the University of Alabama regularly discriminates on the basis of class, family background, and race.

Whereas the Greek system has benefited from taxpayer subsidies including low rents on government land for many decades.

Whereas the University of Alabama and Faculty Senate have devoted much time and energy to the Greek system, including subsidies and regulation, which could have been better expended on efforts to improve educational quality.

Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate calls for the University of Alabama to end all subsidies to the Greek system and thus privatize these organizations.

We call on the President, the Administration, and the Board of Trustees, to begin this privatization process immediately.


Be it resolved that the University of Alabama will negotiate privatization agreements with each fraternity and sorority by the end of the 2005 academic year. Each agreement will be based on the following guidelines:

The University of Alabama will sell the land now occupied by each sorority and fraternity building to the Greek organization which currently occupies the property. Any valuations for the purpose of estimating the cost of these purchases will not include the value of the fraternity or sorority houses. All proceeds from these land sales will be used to improve the academic programs at the University of Alabama.

Each of these privatization agreements will include deed restrictions regulating future land use by new owners. These restrictions will include, but not necessarily be limited to, rules requiring any future owners to maintain, and make necessary repairs to, the buildings and land and to secure prior permission from the Board of Trustees before any attempt to convert the land and/or buildings to any use other than that of fraternity or sorority, construct new structures, or make substantial modifications to the existing structures.