Treating Bruised Bones In The Feet Is Sometimes Done By Micro Current Therapy, Wherein Electric Current Is Applied For Stimulating Healing.

You can really see her bunion pretty good here. When you put weight on it, its very raised, said podiatrist Dr. Andrew Glass. Traditional bunion surgery for Bhagad would have meant breaking a bone in her foot, inserting pins and staying off her feet for at least six weeks. But Glass has a different approach. Were going to make one incision, one stitch right here and then another incision, one stitch right here, remove all the extra bone thats there and just shave it down, he explained. No broken bones, no pins, no screws. Glass surgical method uses a tiny rather than inches-long incision. Shaving rather than breaking the bone means less trauma, and, he says, patients are on their feet the same day. That makes a big difference for your recovery time, so you can go back into a shoe so much fasterbecause youre not breaking the bone, Glass said. go to my blogHe also says there is less pain after the procedure, and patients are back to work in about a week.

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If addressed in the early stages, hammertoe can be treated effectively with splinting or toe exercising along with wearing of corn pads and comfortable shoes. Ideally, it should be kept above the level of the heart. As mentioned earlier, infections can also cause feet to swell up. These bony projections can cause a lot of pain, if they start pressing against the surrounding tissues. Healing time depends on the severity and the treatment provided for the same. Treating bruised bones in the feet is sometimes done by micro current therapy, wherein electric current is applied for stimulating healing. Some patients may recover in just 4 weeks, while some may take as long as 3 months to recover. Toe infection can be prevented with ease by following some simple self care measures. The severity of the symptoms will depend on the impact, as well as the position of the affected foot at the time of injury. Injuries that do not cause any fracture to the toe heal within 6-8 weeks.

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