UA Fired Workers Given “Reprieve” for One Month

Engineers and architects fired by the University of Alabama in January (see below) were unexpectedly reprieved by the granting of a one month extension — to Mother’s Day.

There could be a couple of reasons. One is that several of the dismissed employees have filed an EEOC complaint, charging discrimination. We have reason to believe there is merit in their case.

The other reason is that the terminations were poorly planned, with no consideration to how the Univesity would pick up the slack once all the engineers had been sacked.

Inefficient planning, of course, merely compounds the errors the company of Kennedy and Turnipseed have made. The result has been damage to the University and damange to lives of those fired one moment and asked to stay on the next.

Meanwhile, air-conditioning technicians and others — as many as 323 at last count — continue to earn their salaries by cutting grass and edging the flower beds around the presidential palace (see story below.)

Our only consolation, is that it all probably would have been much worse if Kerry Kennedy has succeeded in hiring his assistant Vice-President, Christopher Hinton, last month.

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