UA Administration Proposes Massive Cuts in Heath Care Benefits

University faculty and staff are expected to bear the full weight as the administration seeks to reduce its costs. Co-pays, up. Premiums, up. Coverage, down, down, down.

University employees have always accepted substandard wages in return for modest and secure benefits. A fool’s bargain. Now you will have not only low wages but drastically reduced health benefits as well.

Of course such measures will reduce the recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty, but the question is, what difference will it make? The direction is toward converting the institution into a glorified high-school, devoted, increasingly, to remedial education. Thousands more students taking high body-count courses, receiving pumped-up grades from harried instructors who have no time for (and little interest in) research and publication.

Benefits-cuts and low wages are effective because they convert teaching into simple wage-labor and create a pliable (and easily replaceable) gang of workers. This is the brazen new world of the Witt administration. More corporate group-think, with all its nattering bean-counters, is doubtless on the way.

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