Shelby Hall Questions Remain Unanswered

V-P Kennedy Evades Senate Inquiry

Last November, members of the Faculty Senate posed a direct question to Vice-President of Financial Affairs Kerry Kennedy about massive cost overruns in the construction of Shelby Hall (see story below).

The question was this: “What is the cost overrun of Shelby Hall? Did Senator Shelby request that the building be enlarged when it was already under, or just prior to, construction?”

Kennedy said that it would take time to answer this questions. Weeks passed, then months. Finally, after repeated inquries, Mr. Kennedy came up with following one-sentence reply on February 20th:

“As with most large construction projects, change orders to the original budget for Shelby Hall have been made.”

At a time when faculty and staff are being asked to accept massive cuts in their health care insurance (see story below), when employees are being sacked right and left, does Mr. Kennedy believe that he enhances the credibility of his office when he thumbs his nose at the faculty with evasions such as this?

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