Outside Facilities Management Firm to be Offered Huge Contract this Thursday

Facilities employees fired at the end of January will soon be replaced by outsourcing to a private management firm. (We think we know which firm it is.) The cost is said to be in the millions for an initial contract term of two years. Trustees of the University of Alabama will vote on the proposed contract this Thursday. The contract is expected to be approved.

Interestingly, the firm to be hired will occupy the same offices now used by the fired employees.

Finally, this item of note: the Tuscaloosa News reported today that the state of Alabama loses millions of dollars of tax revenue from companies that register their businesses in Delaware. The legislature is considering closing this loop-hole. Is the firm whose selection will be announced on Thursday registered in Delaware?

Our opinion is that the taxpayers of Alabama may not like the idea of subsidizing a corporate tax-dodger. After all, ordinary Alabama citizens pay their state taxes. Why shouldn’t the company that gets a big contract from a state-sponsored University!.

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