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Administrative Salaries at University of Alabama: “Grotesquely Bloated,” says Professor

Over a period of time when faculty and staff salaries have decreased in real terms, to a point where they are now the lowest in the nation, University of Alabama administrators have enjoyed double-digit percentage increases each year for the past ten years.

Robert Witt, President of the University, calls such increases warranted, because the university must pay “market rates” to obtain “the best.”

“The best,” presumably, included Vice-President Kerry Kennedy, who recently quit and fled back to Texas in the wake of allegations of financial mismagement after less than on year on the job.

Mr. Witt himself receives $400,000 in salary, more than the president of the considerably larger and more prestigious University of California-Berkeley.

“Witt cites market rate,” said Charles Nuckolls, Professor of Anthropology, “but he fails to mention that it is a tiny cabal of administrators who set their own salaries.” There is no market, Nuckolls said, only a “mafia-like” consortion of self-interested individuals whose collective interest is in milking their university budgets for all they’re worth. “Administrative salaries are grotesquely bloated,” Nuckolls remarked.

Facutly and staff at the University of Alabama have received either no pay increases, or increases that are less than the rate of increase in cost of living, for most of the past decade, making them among the lowest paid in the United States. Meanwhile, administrative salaries are among the very highest.

“It is a situation that is possible only when the true mission of the University — education — has been sacrified to the greed of small but powerful interest group,” Professor Nuckolls said.

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