More About Hoar

The University of Alabama student newspaper, The Crimson White, today confirmed information reported on this website over a week ago.

Hoar Construction, recently hired to replace the University of Alabama’s in-house facilities management office, was not the first choice of the selection committee.

In fact, it wasn’t the second or third choice. It was number four.

A second selection “committee,” consisting of Witt, Kennedy, and Turnipseed, made the decision to overturn the first committee’s decision and elevate Hoar to the first position.

Unlike the first committee, the second did not include anyone with training in engineering or architecture.

Other documents relevant to the case will be released shortly, we understand. Check back next week to see them.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Chris Otts and The Crimson White for excellent investigative journalism. Will The Tuscaloosa News ever show comparable skill? We doubt it. In fact, their failure to produce the April 25 (Sunday) issue on time reveals that journalistic acumen is not the only skill they lack: they clearly do not know how to run their own machinary!

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