ASA Achieves Major Victory in Alabama Course of Study!

On Thursday, April 8th, the Alabama State Board of Education voted to accept the revised Course of Study for the Social Sciences. The Course of Study is a guide for the teaching of all social sciences in the public school systems of Alabama, grades K through 12.

Charles W. Nuckolls, a member of the ASA Board, called it “the greatest victory yet in the short history of the Association.”

ASA members David Beito and Charles Nuckolls co-chaired the ad hoc revision committee. Margeret Brown, a member of the Eagle Forum, played a vital and instrumental role. Their recommendations attempted to restore balance to the Course, to remove ideolological arguments, and to emphasize the importance of facts.

Of the changes the ASA committee recommended, the majority (217 in all) were accepted. We are extremely pleased. And we thank Dr. Joe Morton, Interim Superintendent, for meeting with us several times and for accepting the vast majority of our proposed changes.

We also thank Stephanie Bell and Betty Petters, Board Members, for their tireless efforts to make the Course of Study as good as it could possibly be.

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